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QUESTION: - Give information about the end of the Indus culture or the Harappan culture. The developed Harappan culture generally existed between 2500 BC and 1900, it can be believed that Harappan had a uniform lifestyle in its entire typography, but the uniformview began to change over time. By the 19th century BC, two important cities of Harrapan culture had disappeared. Causes of collapse No specific reasons for the decline of this culture have been ascertained.     Change in the environment can be an   important   reason. In the Harappan region, both the Yamuna and Sutlej rivers had moved away from the Saraswathi around 1700 BC, so the reduction in water supply could be considered as one of the reasons, and at the same time the rains would have decreased. The failure of humanactivities, such as the dam on the Indus, led to natural imbalances and floods that caused destruction. Problem in contact with art-business with    other cultures.   Around2000 BC, a powerfu

Salt March/ Dandi Yatra

Dandikuch started from Sabarmati Ashram on 12 March 1930 when Gandhiji wrote a letter to Viceroy Irwin in protest of the government's imposition of a tax on salt 20 times its value.
Initially it was decided to go only to Badalpur in Kheda district, but on the recommendation of local leader Kalyanji Mehta it was decided to go to Dandi.
Sardar Patel was the first to be arrested at the beginning of the Yatra, making him the first victim of the Dandi Yatra.
On March 12, at 6:30 am, Gandhiji started his journey from Sabarmati Ashram and took a vow that "I will kill a crow and a dog, but I will not set foot in this ashram again without taking Swaraj". Mahadevbhai Desai compared this journey of Gandhiji to the Mahabhinishkraman of Lord Buddha.
The first stop and rest of this yatra was at Chandola Lake Asalali Ahmedabad. At the beginning of this journey, Gandhiji was offered a horse by Bahadur Singh.
On the night of April 5, Gandhiji stayed at the house of Seth Shirajuddin Wasi in Dandi and bathed in the sea early in the morning, took a pinch of salt and broke the law of salt and said, "From today, I will salt the foundations of British rule."
During this yatra, a group of students of Gujarat Vidyapeeth named Arun used to provide information to Gandhiji about the village ahead.
Subhash Chandra Bose likened Gandhiji's visit to Napoleon's Paris march.
The house of Seth Sirajuddin Vashi was declared a dandi mnemonic by the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.
The Dandi Yatra started with the hymn of poet Pritam "Harino marg hai shurano nahi kayar nu kaam".
Gandhiji was arrested on May 5, 1930.    


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