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Mauryan Empire Part-2

In the previous section we discussed the sources of information of the Mauryan Empire. In this section we will discuss the kings of the Mauryan Empire. Generally, special importance is given to the three important kings in the Morya dynasty. 1. Chandragupta, 2. Bindusara and 3. Emperor Ashoka. We have heard a lot about Ashok and Chandragupta in it. But there is little or no information about Bindusara. Historians write that peace prevailed in Bindusara's time and no significant event took place so it does not get much importance. In fact, between this great father Chandragupta and his even greater son Ashoka, this king was crushed.

So today we had to talk about these great kings of the Moryavansh. So the first king of this dynasty is considered to be Chandragupta Morya. Household information about Chandragupta that his guru was Chanakya. With his training, Chandragupta defeated Dhanananda, the king of Magadha, and ascended the throne of Magadha. Now the question arises here who was this Chandragupta? Whose son was he Where were the descriptions? And where was the region from? Was he a king or a king's son? These questions are bound to arise. It is necessary to know about such a great king who happened in India. But it is a pity that no true information about this great king is received. Only Lokvayaka if found. Historians still do not have a single opinion about the origin of Chandragupta.
There are many stories about the rise of Chandragupta, but what is true of them is still questionable. 1. According to legends, Chanakya was the principal of Takshashila at the time of Alexander's invasion. Alexander's invasion exposed the weakness of the kings of India. Therefore, Chanakya was worried that if such a situation happened to the kings of India, then foreign power would come to India, so the kings of India would have to protect the borders of India. The only king at this time who could do this was Dhanananda, the king of Magadha. So Chanakya reaches Dhanananda and shows him a plan to secure the border. But Dhanand laughed at this because it was reasonable to be arrogant and conceited as Dhanand had the largest army in the world at that time. And it was almost impossible to beat him. But the truth is that no one's pride in the world has ever been broken. Dhanananda did not believe even after many explanations from Chanakya. And insulted Chanakya from above and kicked him out of the court. So Chanakya felt the same insult and took a vow at that time that I would be the cause of the end of the Nandvansh. Now he will find a king to defeat Dhanananda but there was no majestic king in India at that time who could defeat Dhanananda. So now a king has to emerge who can defeat Dhanananda. Thus began the search in which Chanakya spotted a child during a tour of north-east India. This kid was playing king-king game with his friends. Himself a great king and his friends his courtiers. Realizing that there was something special about this child, Chanakya took him to Takshashila Vidyalaya and taught him weapons and attacked Dhanananda.
According to another legend, in the north-east of India was the kingdom of Morya whose king Sarvarthasiddhi and his wife were named Mura. At one point the Mauryan state was invaded by a neighboring state in which Sarvarthasiddhi Veeragati attained. Mura was pregnant at the time. So for Mura's protection, Mura's brother brought him to Pataliputra. Here Mura gave birth to a child. Mura's brother put the baby in a cowshed and left because of the threat of enemies on both the newborn and the mother. The cowherd kept it with him for a while and finally gave it to a hunter. This child lives in the forest. And grows. Again the same picture will emerge that Chanakya went in search and saw this child and bought this child from the hunter and took him to Takshashila and taught him the art of weapons and finally attacked Dhananda.
Thus, according to the first story above, according to the Buddhist legends, Chandragupta was a Kshatriya. And the second story which is from Brahmanakathas if Chandragupta comes from a hunter clan then it was Shudra descriptions. If we get information from the present sources, Chandragupta is mentioned as "Taurus" in the Mudrarakshas of Visakhadatta, which means a man of lower caste.   


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