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QUESTION:-  Write an essay on the Quit India Movement.                                                                                        Or   What were the reasons for starting the Quit India Movement? Describe the progress, programmers and achievements of the movement.                                                                      Or Explain in detail the Quit India movement of 1942 and give it importance in India's freedom movement.                                                                      Or   Describe the circumstances of the Quit India Movement (1942) and explain the reasons for its failure. The failure of the Cripps mission caused a lot of disappointment among Indians. So Gandhiji started thinking seriously about the problems of the country. He concludedthat the real solution to Indian problems could be only when the British left India. He wrote in his newspaper Harijan that the British Government had been warned. "Leave India in god's trust.

Persian Invasion

Iranian Invasion: -

516 BC Iran is invaded by the Achaemenid dynasty kings. Which included King Darais who conquered the territories of Punjab, Sindh and Gandhara. The region was the 20th out of 28 provinces conquered by Iran. The state accounted for one-third of Iran's revenue.
Xerxes then defeated the Greeks with the help of the Indian army.
The Iranian historian Herodotus also described the invasion. Herodotus is called the father of history.
Kharoshthi script and Iranian sculpture entered India with the Iranian invasion   


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