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QUESTION:-  Write an essay on the Quit India Movement.                                                                                        Or   What were the reasons for starting the Quit India Movement? Describe the progress, programmers and achievements of the movement.                                                                      Or Explain in detail the Quit India movement of 1942 and give it importance in India's freedom movement.                                                                      Or   Describe the circumstances of the Quit India Movement (1942) and explain the reasons for its failure. The failure of the Cripps mission caused a lot of disappointment among Indians. So Gandhiji started thinking seriously about the problems of the country. He concludedthat the real solution to Indian problems could be only when the British left India. He wrote in his newspaper Harijan that the British Government had been warned. "Leave India in god's trust.


QUESTION:- The patriarchal mindset of the rich was the biggest obstacle to the peaceful rule of The Razia Sultan. Comment.


After deciding to succeed his daughter, Razia, Iltumis had explained his rich and theology, but the role of the rich in Iltumis had changed widely because of established interests.


The barriers arising out of the thought of the rich during the reign of The Rajiya Sultan are as follows:

The Turks were dissatisfied with the desire and determination of the rich to exercise direct power and to govern.

As a woman, she was not ready to be a puppet of the rich so she could not keep her on her bus.

According to Barney, the rich turks were not willing to bow to each other and had aspirations of equality in the distribution of power, office and respect, which cannot be considered possible.

Razia tried to isolate non-Turks and create a separate team to control the ambitions of the elite, which made it unpopular among the elite.

Razia gave up women's clothing and adopted the men's kaba and kula without a bura, planning and hunting meetings in court, which the eminent warriors had termed as a violation of women's decoration.


Although the state opposed it on a racial basis because of its patriarchal mindset, the fact is that the main reason for the discontent among The Turkish Rich was the desire and perseverance of Razia to exercise and manage the direct power. The rich then took the right to choose and remove the Sultans completely


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