QUESTION:- The dominance of the south of Vindhyachal did not fulfil the important aspirations and aspirations of the Rashtrakutas. Their desire was to dominate the plains of the Ganges. Comment clarifying the opinion of this story


Rashtrakutas of South India's history are of special importance Rashtrakutas ruled for nearly 225 years Very few Hindu dynasties ruled for so long South India's 753 to 975 rashtrakuta dynasty is consideredto be the period of supreme power probably the essence of its history the most beautiful chapter is said to be an unprecedented part of its success in the South. Rulers like Dhruv, Govind III and II took their victory campaigns to the heart of northern India and overcame the most important rulers there which changed the course of this history.


  1. Dantidurga was extremely mighty and his diplomat was visionary as he was credited with empowering the Rashtrakuta Empire and providing freedom. As soon as he became ruler, he studied the then political situation and planned accordingly and expanded his empire in the full and west. Dantidurga conquered many places during his reign, which is mentioned in the Samgand Plate and the Dasavatar cave of Ellora.
  2. Dantidurga brought Nandipuri, who was in south Gujarat, to his kingdom and appointed govind, his uncle's son, as ruler.  Victory over Nandipuri and Navsari was enthusiastic and invaded Dantidurga Malwa and captured Ujjain. Malwa came into force in his kingdom butwas satisfied with his influence.
  3. After the Malwa victory, Dantidurga started the campaign of Maha Kaushal and Chhattisgarh andwon.   On his return from Kaushal, Dantidurga Defeated the Kalinga Manpura Kings. Thus, through different victories, Dantidurga established its dominance over the entire Madhya Pradesh and Central and South Gujarat and gave power to the Rashtrakuta Empire.
  4. Krishna, the ruler who was formed after Dantidurga's death, first defeated his gang ruler Sripurush and Yuvraj Govind was defeated by The Chalukya ruler vishnu vardhan of Vegai.  Krishna, who had conquered Konkan, conquered Konkan and joined his empire.
  5. By Govind II and after the Pole, the rulers were very mighty rulers. After their coronation, they fought many wars and won. 
  6. When Dhruv decided to campaign for North India, the Pratihara dynasty in Ujjain in north India and the Palavansh in Bengal were struggling to establish their dominance.  The contemporary pratihara dynasty of the Dhruv and the rulers of the Pala dynasty were Vatsaraj and Dharmapala respectively.  Dhruv organized his landing campaign plan efficiently and the Dhruv collected armies on the banks of the Narmada river. At this time, Vatsaraj came to Doab, so Dhruv easily occupied the floor, then Dhruv headed to Kanoj to face the Chief Army of Vatsaraj.  Govind II started the North India campaign like his father Dhruv, his contemporary pratihara and pal ruler were Nagbhatta and Dharmapala respectively.


The geographical constraints in the Southern Region were very few for the rashtrakutas and it was also their familiar region, which left them in the South, but the desire of all the important rashtrakutas rulers was to take over North India. Even if he did not succeed in maintaining it, but he established his dominance over the whole of South India, the three ruling poles of this dynasty, Govind II and III, took their victory campaigns to the middle of India and defeated the most rulers.



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