The philosophy of life of Swami Dayanand Saraswati is expressed through the principles and actions of the Arya Samaj. Clarify.

INTRODUCTION The rise and development of nationalism in India in general arose due to colonial rule. For example, the establishment of new institutions, new employment opportunities, and excessive use of resources In other words, nationalism in India emerged through some colonial policies as well as as a reaction against some colonial policies. But after studying the different circumstances, it can be logically said that the emergence of nationalism in India was not just a single cause but a composite reflection of various factors. BODY Swami Dayanand believed that the essence of the Arya Samaj, if not far beyond the religious periphery, was to say that the purpose of one's life should be to work for the physical, social, and spiritual welfare of the people. He gave more importance to mass upliftment than individual upliftment. He said that social welfare and collective upliftment are possible only when one has a sense of service and sacrifice. Swami Dayanand opposed the outwa


QUESTION:- The revolutionary movement that was launched by the return of the non-cooperation movement was abolished by the Kakori scam. Review.


The non-cooperation movement, which started in August 1920, was at its peak in 1922 when Gandhiji announced the withdrawal of the movement in bardoli's proposal. There are mainly two reasons: (1) The Chaurichora scam on February 5, 1922, in which a mob agitated in a protest procession attacked the police and killed 22 policemen and (2) withdrew before the non-cooperation movement failed


Whatever thereason, the sudden withdrawal of the agitation also dashed the expectations of the enthusiastic people. The young people who had left school and left their homes were now feeling betrayed by the storm of mass movement, and the ideology of the non-violent movement began to increase their faith and sought to find another alternative, most of whom now assumed that freedom could be achieved only through violent means and that was where the foundations of the revolutionary movement were built.

First of all, revolutionaries began to be organized. In October 1924, these revolutionary youth held a conference in Kanpur

The organization was formed with the Aim of overthrowing colonial power through the Armed Revolution and establishinga federal republic. Before the conflict, large-scale campaign work was necessary to mix and train youth in their party and collect weapons. Money was needed. The organization took the first major action by robbing the railway department's treasury in Kakori, a village near Lucknow. The incident, known in history as the Kakori scandal, angeredthe British government and led to the arrest and prosecution of a large number of youths. Revolutionaries like Ashfaq UllahKhan, RamPrasad Bismil, Roshan Singh and Rajendra Lahiri were hanged. Four were sentenced to life imprisonment and 17 others were sentenced to long sentences When Chandrasekhar was released.


In fact, the Kakori scam was a major setback for the revolutionaries of India, but it was not that it had abolished the revolutionary movement, but it prepared many young people for revolutionary struggle, including revolutionary heads like Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Shivvarma and Jaydev.



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