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QUESTION: - Give information about the end of the Indus culture or the Harappan culture. The developed Harappan culture generally existed between 2500 BC and 1900, it can be believed that Harappan had a uniform lifestyle in its entire typography, but the uniformview began to change over time. By the 19th century BC, two important cities of Harrapan culture had disappeared. Causes of collapse No specific reasons for the decline of this culture have been ascertained.     Change in the environment can be an   important   reason. In the Harappan region, both the Yamuna and Sutlej rivers had moved away from the Saraswathi around 1700 BC, so the reduction in water supply could be considered as one of the reasons, and at the same time the rains would have decreased. The failure of humanactivities, such as the dam on the Indus, led to natural imbalances and floods that caused destruction. Problem in contact with art-business with    other cultures.   Around2000 BC, a powerfu

Was India a member before the arrival of The Aaryan? Briefly explain the striking features of pre-civilization.

Question:- Was India a member before the arrival of The Aayuryo? Briefly explain the striking features of pre-civilization?


The Harappan civilization existed from 2800-1750. While the civilization of the Aayurs shows a period from 1500-600 BC. When the Harappan civilization was found in 1920, it was known as the Indus Valley civilization by  Sir  John Marshall, which is known to exist on the banks of the Indus River, also known as the Harappan civilization, because the first site of its excavation came to the fore.


Harappan Boundary

The Harappan civilization had a boundary of about 1.3  million  forty-four  km,andits geographical area   was 20 times higher than that of egyptian civilization.

This area is 11 times more than the culture of Egyptians and  Mosepotamias

Important Features

This civilization hadthe creation of cities, so it could also be called urban civilization.

The credit for the first urban revolution also goes to the Harappan  culture.

The  harappans of the part were engaged in art, craft  and trade, commerce. 

This civilization nurtured a culture of peace, it can be assumed, because  no  life, sword-shield of that time has been found.

Social culture of civilization like entertainment  tools, decorations, festivals etc. in the society gives a  clueto life.  

The people of that timewere secular because no clear religious place has been found.

Religious life was limited to a personal home. Religion was the subject of personal life and public life religion was absolute.

The Harappan civilizationwas swadeshitas as a prakirta because people used to make tamr utensils themselves.

The art of such a tamrawasan ashowcases his high scientific technical knowledge. - A.D. Copper and tin mixing

The surface and walls were made in such a way that water could not enter. It is not wrong to say that hehad knowledge of civil engineering. E.g. monhe jae dado nagar and nagar road construction,  sewerage system.


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