QUESTION: - Give information about the end of the Indus culture or the Harappan culture.

The developed Harappan culture generally existed between 2500 BC and 1900, it can be believed that Harappan had a uniform lifestyle in its entire typography, but the uniformview began to change over time. By the 19th century BC, two important cities of Harrapan culture had disappeared.

Causes of collapse

No specific reasons for the decline of this culture have been ascertained.   

Change in the environment can be an  important  reason.

In the Harappan region, both the Yamuna and Sutlej rivers had moved away from the Saraswathi around 1700 BC, so the reduction in water supply could be considered as one of the reasons, and at the same time the rains would have decreased.

The failure of humanactivities, such as the dam on the Indus, led to natural imbalances and floods that caused destruction.

Problem in contact with art-business with   other cultures. 

Around2000 BC, a powerful state like Elam emerged, reducing business activity. 

If you see the symptoms  of insecurity and violence in the last leg of the ball.

There are also remnants of an outside invasion,  but there is no archaeological evidence of a large conflict with  Indo-Aryan. 

It    is also believed that due to the spread of desert. the salinity in the soil increased and the moisture of the soil decreased.

The destruction of civilization is also due to the change in the Indus River due to the earthquake.

Thus, there is no specific view of the end of the Indus civilization. There is evidence of the intrusion of foreign invasions to different natural and to some extent.


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