The philosophy of life of Swami Dayanand Saraswati is expressed through the principles and actions of the Arya Samaj. Clarify.


The rise and development of nationalism in India in general arose due to colonial rule. For example, the establishment of new institutions, new employment opportunities, and excessive use of resources In other words, nationalism in India emerged through some colonial policies as well as as a reaction against some colonial policies. But after studying the different circumstances, it can be logically said that the emergence of nationalism in India was not just a single cause but a composite reflection of various factors.


Swami Dayanand believed that the essence of the Arya Samaj, if not far beyond the religious periphery, was to say that the purpose of one's life should be to work for the physical, social, and spiritual welfare of the people.

He gave more importance to mass upliftment than individual upliftment. He said that social welfare and collective upliftment are possible only when one has a sense of service and sacrifice. Swami Dayanand opposed the outward conduct of dharma karma.

Opposing Hindu orthodoxy, he opposed the beliefs of idolatry, polygamy, animal sacrifice, rituals, and superstition, as he believed that the knowledge being acquired through these actions was confusing. So he established the Vedas as a source of knowledge and established the Arya Samaj. He said that the interpretation of the Vedas should be done by human conscience. EA because human conscience can be developed by removing ignorance and confusion through spreading the right education by man.

According to him, the purpose of education is not only to study subjects such as science and sociology but to develop character, service, and integrity. He combined education with welfare activities.


Dayananda Saraswati's contribution is a source of innate inspiration, both as a thinker and a reformer. He actively launched the social reform movement, spread the Arya Kanya Pathshala, and inspired the temples of the Arya Samaj to fight against foreign rule by playing the role of national awakening.



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